Hunting in the Northern Sacramento Valley, California

Welcome Members and Guests to Richmond Hunting Club!  Come hunt a club where all members are treated fairly and equally.  Contact us for more information!  Thanks for visting!


Richmond Hunting Club was established as a non-profit club in 1954 and is managed with a volunteer staff.  At comparatively low membership fees, we provide dove, pheasant, duck and goose hunting in the Northern Sacramento Valley with properties extending from Arbuckle on the Southern end to Willows and Chico on the Northern end, including Arbuckle, Williams, Gridley, Colusa, Maxwell, Princeton, Afton and Butte City

At comparatively low membership fees, we extend our services over 13,000+ acres of land spread in Northern California from Zamora to Chico. We have no paid positions, and every penny goes toward leasing properties and managing and upkeep of the club facilities.



No hunting or blind preparations are allowed before farmers release fields to us.  Currently few fields have been released for use.  Please contact your area manager for information about your assigned waterfowl blinds and field blinds before setting up decoys or hunting.  Please refer to the Club Contact section of this website for area manager contact information.



Remote Enough to be a welcome break from the daily grind but close enough so you do not have to spend hours getting here to enjoy a great hunt and a great time with friends and family.


For more information contact us at (707) 451-1690 or toll free at (877) 713-1611


Seasonal hunting seven days a week with no reservations

Recognized for Work with Youth, California State Fish and Game
Honored, Hunter Safety Awards for Training of Youth

Dates to Remember:

October 8 - Duck and Goose season opens

November 8 - Pheasant season opens

November 15 - Junior Pheasant hunt