Premier Hunting in the Northern Sacramento Valley, California

Dues & Fees for 2018 Memberships

(March 1,2018 - February 28, 2019 )


New Member Initiation Fee____________$250  (One time fee, good for life) 


Annual General Membership Dues_______$750

Annual Guest Pass Fee________________$425

Young Adult Pass Fee (age 16 to 19)_____$225

Young Adult (15 and under)____________FREE

One Day Guest Pass Fee_______________$50

Exclusive Use Waterfowl Blind Fee_______$1000 (Per Seat for most blinds)

Trailer Parking with full hook up_________$850

Dry Trailer Parking no hook up__________$425 (Sept 1 thru February 28)

Dry Trailer Storage no hook up__________$200 (March 1 thru August 31)

(You MUST purchase a General Membership for each seat you purchase in any blind, Trailer Parking or Trailer Storage Spot)


When you purchase a seat in a Exclusive Use Waterfowl Blind you are issued 1 (one) guest pass per paid seat & paid membership. Juniors, wives, split-seats, and discounted seats do not come with a guest pass. When you purchase a seat in ANY Exclusive Use Water Blind you & your blind partners commit to paying for ALL seats in that blind. The club may be able to help you find additional partners to fill any empty seats you may have, however, you and your blind partners are ultimately responsible to ensure ALL seats are paid for. 

All positions in two, three and four-man blinds require payment in full. Any and all exceptions must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Trailer Parking

Trailer parking is subject to availability.  The annual fee of $850 includes water and power during the hunting season.  One half of the fee is due on or before May 1st, while the second half is due on or before August 1st.

Dry camping is now available at Maxwell only for the 2018/2019 hunting season. The are only 4 spots available. The fee is $425 and DOES NOT include water, power or any other type of hook-ups.  The trailer may be parked in an approved spot starting on September 1, 2018 and must be removed on or before February 28, 2019. You may keep your RV on the Maxwell property in your spot from March 1, 2018 thru September 1, 2018 for an additional $200.

Day/Weekend dry camping is also available for this coming season. Please Call Jeff Brown, Mike White or Bob Livecchi for details. Their numbers can be found on the Club Contacts page of this website. 

Members opting to keep their trailer on-site for the year at Maxwell Headquarters can plug their trailers in for power and water beginning September 1, 2018 and must unplug water and power on March 1, 2019.

Guest Passes

Guests are defined as Non-Members that will be hunting with you. You must have a guest pass for each guest and have completed a 'Guest Release of Liability' form for each guest. That/Those form(s) must be in the possession of the club for each guest and fees for each guest pass paid for before the guest(s) is/are brought onto property leased or owned by the club. Guest Day passes are available for $50 per day per guest.

For more information contact us at (415) 601-5673

Dates to Remember

March 1, 2018 - Water Blind Fee's are due

April 1, 2018 - Exclusive Use Water Blind Fee's are considered Over Due & Subject to a $100 late fee

May 1, 2018 - General Membership Dues are owed

May 1, 2018 - 1st half of the Trailer Parking Fee's are due

May 19, 2018 - RHC Day

June 1, 2018 - 1st half of Trailer fees are considered Over Due and Subject to a $50 late fee